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"If she vents to you, then she's  the imposter"

Goz is a storyteller, growing into the unique pocket of maintaining a complete story in a song while keeping the pace and feel of a top 40 track. Having taken every advanced class in his major, Goz thrives in a cooperative environment helping unique perspectives of collaborating artists get revealed to the world. 


As a writer, Goz has recently ventured into the international scene, having placed numerous tracks with A-list artists in China while beginning to pitch to Korean artists as well. Currently studying at Berklee College of Music, he has placed 2nd with 2 other finalist songs in Berklee's "Songs 4 Social Change" competition while heading the largest student-run club at the college, as the president of the Billboard Hot 100 Club. He is also in the middle of the last round of voting for the International Songwriting Competition, in which his song “Get Me Out of Here” has reached Finalist status, top 280 out of 14k+ songs. 


On his main artist project, Goz's sound encompasses a glitchy dark pop vibe, taking heavy elements from the electronic scene. His upcoming escapade is an abrasive pop DnB track unlike what's out there, which will be the first of many tracks released since writing at Berklee. He has reached over 3 million plays worldwide on his artist project and plans to move straight to LA to continue his journey after Berklee, whether or not he has anything lined up. 


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