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"If she vents to you, then she's  the imposter"


Not many people see a career opportunity when they stare at their messy bedroom. Even less think they can make their dreams come true when they look around, but Goz did. Having too much time on his hands from quarantine, he boots up FL studio, makes a tune, and asks for advice. Without fail he has repeated this process every day since and has reached for all the opportunities that he can to reach his dream of becoming a top 100 artist without straying from his roots as a musician. 

Where has that gotten him? Well, he's worked with multiple independent record labels such as Tribal Trap, Future Bass Records and Mixfeed, while collaborating with artists all over the globe like top 5 Brazilian DJ Jetlag Music. He is currently attending Berklee now and it doesn't look like he's planning on settling anytime soon until he reaches his goal. 

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