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Mostly sourcing from SauceUp Music and Sync Agents, Goz has sold a variety of toplines and productions to high end record labels. This page is a reference to the budgets and 




Coming off the success of Glimpse of us, Frozen combined aspects of Joji and La La Land in a unique ballad. Frozen has been sold through SauceUp to ___ for $6000 USD. It was a collaboration between Goz and Dayvin. 


Hard To See You Two 


Hard To See You Too was one of Goz's first songs in Berklee, having finished it in his freshman year. It was sold to Hikoon for $500



Liver is a dark pop song inspired by the CloudKid style of writing. This was one of Goz's main songs from his 2nd semester. It was sold to Hikoon for $1000



Delusional is a Latin inspired pop track inspired by the tiktok lingo "Delulu". Having toplined it in the summer of 2023, it was produced by Palash Deshmani and sold to Hikoon for $1000. 

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